A Clean Slate LLC – New Surface Prep Tech


Welcome to A Clean Slate LLC!

When it comes to comparisons between traditional sand blasting and our fine-particle abrasive blasting, well…there really is no comparison.   From an eco-friendly standpoint, as well as efficiency and budget priorities,  our process is without a doubt the preferred method for surface prep on ALL surfaces.

A Clean Slate LLC can take almost any surface and remove any and all surface paints, rust, and other contaminants and get you to a pristine state, ready to prime or resurface in a very short period of time. 

In most cases we can even introduce a rust inhibitor in the process to prevent rusting of the restored surface for 72 hours, allowing you plenty of time to properly prime or prepare the renewed surface!

Our unique blend of abrasive materials, water, and air will produce numerous and immediate benefit:

  • We can  eliminate a significant amount of the airborne dust produced by traditional sandblasting
  • We test all surfaces to mitigate any possible damage to your surface before prepping
  • Our process has no heat build up, so there should never be a warping problem
  • No harsh chemicals are ever used or needed
  • Clean up is much easier and quicker than traditional sandblasting

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